Action Plan

The Franchise Association of Greece following the successful course of the last years, realizes that there is an intense interest in the Association and in the future of Franchising, but also realizes the need of further development of the Association.


The Franchise Association of Greece should ensure the interests of the Franchisor, but at the same time, act for the benefit of all the involved parties in the operation of Franchising.


In order to achieve these objectives:


  1. The Association establishes an annual member certification with a view to confirm, whether a Member follows the procedures and fulfils the conditions and the criteria based on which it became a Member of the Association.
  2. The Association establishes, via Special Legal Consultants and Economic Advisers, the Mediation between Franchisors and Franchisees, whether they are Members of the Association or not, so that most litigations involved in the Franchising do not reach the Courts or Arbitration.
  3. The Association proceeds to the establishment of a Franchise Academy and Library, which will constitute a point of reference as an educational institution. An archive of knowledge will be available, both printed and electronic, with its seat being the headquarters of the Association that will provide each member the possibility of accessing all of the cases regarding Franchising. The Member will be able to gain the knowledge that it would help it avoid certain problems or would improve its way of operation.
  4. The Association participates, in order to develop its international relations and the exchange of opinions and experiences, in the meetings of European Franchise Federation and World Franchise Council as well as in International Franchise Exhibitions, organized by other Associations.
  5. It advances, corresponding to the demands about signing a bilateral collaboration with other franchise associations, targeting the promotion of franchising and the investigation of collaboration for the promotion of franchise concepts of both sides.
  6. The Association considered it necessary to appoint a General Director, paid accordingly, who will oversee the daily operations of the Association, the adherence to the Articles of Association and the Code of Ethics and be responsible for the procedures of Mediation and Certification of the members.
  7. According to the amended Articles of Association the Associate Members have a total number of 5 votes, out of all the 19 votes of the Members of the Administrative Council.
  8. Simultaneously, the Franchisors always dominate the Administrative Council, since the council has nineteen members, the associate members always have five votes, and in order for quorum to exist, the presence of eleven (11) members is required.


The existence of a powerful Association is necessary, one that would ensure the development of Franchising, providing multiple benefits to its members, being able to be a permanent exhibitor in the international exhibitions, and help the Greek companies participate through it, for their international development.


The existence of an Association is necessary, with a logo that is not simply desirable not only essential but above all honorary. A logo in demand that qualifies a company as a qualified business model in Franchising.


The realisation of the Association’s targets is achieved by every legal means available, including the promotion of matters of franchise in political, economic and social institutions, and also by financing and organizing all kinds of activities, such as seminars, conventions, exhibitions, radio and television broadcasts, in Greece and abroad, and by publications in the political and economic press that are about Franchising, the establishment of awards and scholarships, the provision with each expedient means of recognition, about persons that adhere to the principles and the proper practice of Franchising, the publication of informative booklets about Franchising and the Association’ s activities.