The association’s objectives:


  1. To support by any means available the development of Franchising in Greece as well as the process, the adoption and the public proclamation of the principles and correct practice of Franchising.
  2. To highlight, protect, promote, and extend the interests of Franchising.
  3. To contribute to the smooth communication and collaboration between the contributors of the Franchising market.
  4. To adopt the Code of Ethics of the European Franchising Federation along with any additions it considers necessary and to highlight, impose and ensure the conformity of its members with its dictates.
  5. To process and answer general questions, cases and problems related to Franchising or associated with Franchise businesses or their interests, to consult or decide about them, and to impose on the businesses the acceptance of, and conformity to such counseling and decisions. Furthermore, the Association in order to achieve these targets will provide services of mediation, in case of emerging differences between franchisors and franchisees, mainly between franchisees and sub-franchisees and between franchisees and the Franchise network itself. According to the decision of the Board of Directors, a list of legal and other advisers will be assembled, derived from members with certified scientific knowledge and experience in cases of franchising, which will assume the mediation, under the monitoring of the Board of Directors, while the full process will be determined thoroughly by the Board of Directors.
  6. To highlight and strengthen the confidence of the consumers in the Franchising system that is being developed by the members of the Association.
  7. To inform and educate about Franchising and all relative subjects.
  8. To seek and ensure the common action from the point of view of Franchisors in the context of promoting their common interests.
  9. To highlight and promote business practices and activities, which are likely to increase the effectiveness and the economy of a business via Franchising.